M/Y Letty Galapagos

M/Y Letty Galapagos is an 83-feet top of the range yacht developed exclusively for Galapagos cruises, with a capacity of 20 passengers. Built in 1991, it is refurbished every year and it features 10 spacious cabins on three decks (Dolphin Deck, Booby Deck, Iguana Deck) with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and windows or portholes with an ocean view. The ship’s large sun deck is perfect for watching dolphins and whales, and even for stargazing.

M/Y Letty Galapagos is famous and favored for its family cruises, designed for families with children from 7 years and upwards: Family departures, Family Teen departures and Family College departures. These special Galapagos Cruises are organized over school breaks and the activities included are age-appropriate.

There are expert guides on board that lead daily visits to the Galapagos Islands and offer insight into the unique wildlife of the archipelago. Passengers can use the snorkeling gear, the wetsuits, the kayaks and the stand-up paddleboards put at their disposal for the organized activities.

M/Y Letty Galapagos

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M/Y Letty Galapagos

Technical Specifications

Boat Features


Layout: 3 Decks / 10 Cabins
Dolphin deck: Cabins 1, 3 & 4 = Twin or doubles
Dolphin deck: Cabin 2 = Double
Booby deck: Cabins 5 & 6 = Doubles
Iguana deck: Cabins 7 & 8 = Twins
Iguana deck: Cabins 9 & 10= Twins or triples
Beds layout: Twin, double & triple
Rooming: Private cabins only
Sharing: Not allowed


Private bathrooms
Hot showers
Air conditioning
Toiletries / towels
Hair dryer
110v electricity
Lifeguard vest
Closet – Drawers

Lounge areas
Bar and boutique
Sundeck – solarium
Kayaks & SUPs
24h coffee, tea station
Media Center, library
Guide-guest ratio 1-10

M/Y Letty Galapagos

Features, Decks & Notices

First Class Services 1/4

Main Features

• Uninterrupted 7 night sailings
• Certified naturalist guide
• Kayaks available aboard
• Snorkel & wetsuit included
• Accommodation twin or double cabins
• Private bathroom & air conditioned cabins
• 20 guests include ten double outside-facing cabins

Galapagos Islands Cruise

Children Policies 2/4

Minors Aboard Cruise

• Children minimum Age: 7 years old
• Considered child: Under the age of 12
• Family Departures: Available on school breaks
• Children under 7 years: Guardians sign a release form
• Child discount 12 to 17 years: 15% for cruise only
• Discount restriction: Not available in Christmas week


Rental, purchase & pay 3/4

Expenses Aboard

• On board payments for bar, cash & credit card
• Wetsuit & snorkel equipment
• Tipping (optional but expected), cash only


Cruise information 4/4

Notices & Cruise Details

• Single supplement: As listed
• Holiday weeks surcharge: $250
• 15 days discount: 5%
• Accommodation based on 2 guest per cabin
• Inquire your trip advisor for discounts & offers

Itineraries, inclusions & exclusions are subject to change by the Galapagos National Park or ship management.

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M/Y Letty Galapagos

Inclusions & Exclusions​

M/Y Letty Galapagos

Features, Decks & Notices


• Sunday
San Cristóbal Airport
El Junco Lagoon
• Monday
Witch Hill
Pitt Point (San Cristóbal Island)
• Tuesday
Suarez Point
Gardner Bay (Española Island)
• Wednesday
Punta Cormorant
Post Office Bay
Baroness Point (Floreana Island)
• Thursday
Highlands of Santa Cruz Island
Charles Darwin Station
• Friday
Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz)
• Saturday
South Plaza Island
North Seymour Island
• Sunday
Interpretation Center (San Cristóbal)
Transfer to San Cristóbal Airport

Letty 8 Days - A South & Central Galapagos


• Sunday
San Cristóbal Airport
La Galapaguera, Cerro Colorado
• Monday
Darwin Bay & Prince Philip’s Steps (Genovesa Island)
• Tuesday
Bachas Beach & Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz Island)
• Wednesday
Espinosa Point (Fernandina Island)
Urbina Bay (Isabela Island)
• Thursday
Elizabeth Bay & Tagus Cove (Isabela Island)
• Friday
Puerto Egas (Santiago Island)
Rábida Island
• Saturday
Highlands of Santa Cruz
Charles Darwin Station
• Sunday
Interpretation Center (San Cristóbal)
Transfer to San Cristóbal Airport

Letty 8 Days - B North & Western Galapagos
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