MV Galapagos Legend Ship

There are many vessels of all sizes available for cruising the Galapagos, where smaller ships provide a more intimate experience of the archipelago, only bigger vessels provide a wide variety of experiences aboard as well a broader feeling of security and stability.

MV Galapagos Legend Ship is an excellent option for families with children and/or elderly looking for flexibility on a cruise, a wide range of facilities and options in cabin arrangement since it offers up to quadruple cabins, many interconnected. All complete with an excellent ratio of one staff member to two passengers and a medical bay for your reassurance during your vacation.

With a capacity of 100 passengers, it will make the delights of couples looking for luxurious and tasteful interiors. It will be possible to enjoy comfort and privacy in ample stare-rooms. Panoramic views and balconies can be enjoyed in the many suites offered, as well as the several decks and lounging areas distributed along this gorgeous explorer.

MV Galapagos Legend Ship

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MV Galapagos Legend Ship

Technical Specifications

Boat Features


Layout: 4 Decks / 56 Cabins
Earth deck: Junior plus 1 & 2 DBL’s, TPL’s or QUAD’s
Earth deck: Junior 3 to 10, DBL’s, TPL’s or QUAD’s
Earth deck: Junior 14 to 29 DBL’s, TPL’s or QUAD’s
Earth deck: Junior plus 30,31 DBL’s, TPL’s or QUAD’s
Earth deck: Standard 11 = SGL or DBL
Earth deck: Standard plus 22A, 23A = DBL’s
Earth deck: Standard 32,33 = SGL or DBL
Sea deck: Standard plus 34,35,36,37,38 = DBL’s
Sky deck: Balcony 40 to 45 = DBL’s or TPL’s
Sky deck: Balcony plus 46 & 47 = DBL’s
Moon deck: Balcony 50 to 53,= DBL’s or TPL’s
Moon deck: Balcony plus 54, 56 to 59= DBL’s or TPL’s
Moon deck: Legend balcony suite 55 = DBL’s or TPL’s

Beds layout: Twin, doubles, triples, quadruples & suites
Connected cabins: 11-2, 1-3, 4-6, 5-7, 18-20, 19-21
Connected cabins: 40-42, 44-46, 51-53, 56-58, 57-59
Rooming: Private & shared cabins
Sharing: Standard & standard plus cabins only, same gender

Triple will be 2 beds & 1 Sofa. Available on Junior or Balcony Suites

All cabins with twin beds convertible to matrimonial cabin


Private bathroom
Hot showers
Air conditioning
Toiletries / Towels
Hair dryer
110v electricity
Lifeguard vest
Safety deposit box
Boutique store
Embarcation area
Dolphin Obervation Deck
Phone service for internal
Stargazing area

Sundeck – Solarium
BBQ and Al fresco dining
Fisherman Bar
Kayaks 8 double, 1 single
Lonesome George Restaurant
Swimming pool – Jacuzzi
TV/DVD – Entertainment center
Library & 24 hour coffee corner
Snorkel equipment
Kid´s Corner
Lonesome George Restauran
Medical station

MV Galapagos Legend Ship

Features, Decks & Notices

Luxury Services 1/6

Main Features

• Private Balconies in Balcony suite only
• Certified naturalist guide – Level 3
• Kayaks 8 double, 1 single
• Swimming pool & Jacuzzi available aboard
• Snorkel equipment & wetsuit included
• Accommodation in double, triple/quadruple cabins
• Suite Cabins
• Medical station
• Lonesome George Restaurant
• Kid’s corner, Library, Fitness center & more

Galapagos Islands Cruise

Children Policies 2/6

Minors Aboard Cruise

• Considered Child: Under the age of 12
• KIDS CORNER available
• Minimum Age: All ages allowed with parents signing a release form
• Discount Note: Discounts subject to change, increase, decrease or removal
• 1 Child + 1 Adult Discount: 25%, sharing a double with 1 full-fare paying guest
• 1 Child + 2 Adults Discount: 50%, sharing a triple cabin with 2-full fare paying guests
• Discount Restriction: None, available all year, discount applies over the given season


Rental, purchase & pay 3/6

Expenses Aboard

• On board payments for bar, cash & credit card
• Wetsuit rental
• Kayaks rental
• Fuel sucharge
• Tipping (optional but expected), cash only
• Internet plans available
• Scuba Diving rental. Half day tour with 1-2 immersions and equipment included.

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Cruise Information 4/6

Notices & Cruise Details

• Single supplement: 50/75%
• Fuel Surcharge
• Peak season surcharge: 5%
• Triple Discount: 25% off for 3rd adult guest
• Extended Programs: 10, 11, 12, & 15
• Accommodation based on 2 guest per cabin
• Inquire your trip advisor for discounts & offers

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Moon Deck 5/6

Here You Can Find

• Stargazing area
• Al Fresco restaurant
• Lifeboat Dinning

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Information Decks & Cabins 6/6

General features

• Lower twin beds or double beds
• Private bathroom
• Safe-deposit box
• Air conditioning
• Phone service for internal, local & international calls
• LCD TV with multimedia system

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MV Galapagos Legend Ship

Inclusions & Exclusions​

MV Galapagos Legend Ship



• MON Baltra Airport, Santa Cruz: Highlands
• TUE Genovesa: El Barranco, Darwin Bay
• WED Santa Cruz: Dragon Hill, Santa Fe Island
• THU Santa Cruz Bachas Beach, Baltra Airport

Legend 4 Days - A Central & North Islands


• THU Baltra Airport, Mosquera Islet
• FRI Santiago Island: Egas Port, Red Beach – Rabida
• SAT Isabela Island: Urbina Bay, Tagus Cove
• SUN Fernandina: Espinoza Point, Isabela Island: Vicente Roca Point
• MON Santa Cruz: Highlands, Tortoise Reserve or Pit Craters, Baltra Airport

Legend 5 Days - B Western Islands
2/2 - copy


• MON Baltra airport & Bartholomew island
• TUE South Plaza island & North Seymour island
• WED San Cristobal Island: Pitt Point, Witch Hill
• THU Colorado Hill & San Cristobal airport

Legend 4 Days - C Eastern Islands
2/2 - copy - copy


• THU San Cristobal airport & Interpretation Centre, Tijeretas
• FRI Española island: Gardner Bay, Osborn or Gardner islets, Suarez Point
• SAT Floreana island: Post Office Bay, Cormorant Point, Devil’s Crown
• SUN Santa Cruz island: Charles Darwin Station, Highlands, Eden Islet
• MON Santa Cruz island: Carrion Point & Baltra airport

Legend 5 Days - D Southern Islands
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