M/V Isabela II Galapagos

For more sensitive and motion sickness travelers, it’s a good idea to consider larger vessels, since smaller ones tend to be less stable and may not contain a medical bay or medical staff. Still, travelers may worry that bigger means sacrificing personal space and comfort, that’s why Isabella II is a perfect choice. It offers space for 40 passengers for a total of 20 cabins, each with private bathroom.
Each excursion will allow for a maximum of 11 to 14 guests, always accompanied by a naturalist guide, bringing a more personalized experience.

Since being launched in 1,979, Isabella II Galapagos has catered to many types of customers, striving to give only the highest standard of service, and that is why the staff has remained almost unchanged and constantly trained, including sustainability and a solid recycling routine and environmentally friendly practices, and the vessel itself has welcome many changes to reach all possible practices of responsibility, both in terms of safety and energy.

Isabella II Galapagos staff even includes trained chefs, that not only will serve lavish meals and buffets, but can also adapt to guest with food restrictions. Of course, let’s not forget the most important aspect. You will be able to explore the islands in reduced hiking groups, on its panga rides, glass-bottom boats and kayaks, and request snorkeling gear. Isabella II Galapagos has an activity leader watching for the best opportunities to explore and find the most relevant species depending on your desired route, plus a stargazing program and natural history lectures.

Finally, it’s hard to imagine such a dream like cruise without leisure time, and that is why you will be able to count on its social and lounge areas, and exquisite sundeck with jacuzzi and a bar area. You will too be able to access a fitness room, a library full of specialized books and field guides about the natural history of the Galapagos archipelago, a gift-shop and computer room, and of course, a fully equipped infirmary with attention at all times.

M/V Isabela II Galapagos

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M/V Isabela II Galapagos

Technical Specifications

Boat Features


Layout: 2 Decks / 20 Cabins
Cabin deck: Classic cabin 1 to 10 / 16 to 21 – Twins
Cabin deck: Classic family cabin 11,12 – Double/Triple
Cabin deck: Standard cabin 14, 15 – Singles
Main deck: Owner’s cabin = Double
Beds layout: Twins, doubles & triples


Private bathrooms
Hot showers
Air conditioning
Toiletries / Towels
Hair dryer
110v electricity
Lifeguard vest
In-Room Safe deposit
Conference room
Gift shop
Fitness room
Internet station

Sundeck – Solarium
Interior lounge areas
Bar – Lounge
Hot tub / Jacuzzi
TV/DVD – Center
Natural history library
Satellite phone
Al fresco dining area
Medical station
Exterior verandas
Glass bottom boat

M/V Isabela II Galapagos

Features, Decks & Notices

Luxury Services 1/4

Main Features

• Air conditioned cabins
• Private bathrooms
• Certified naturalist guide
• Kayaks & jacuzzi available aboard
• Snorkel equipment included
• Single, twin, double & triple cabins
• Medical care aboard

Galapagos Islands Cruise

Children Policies 2/4

Minors Aboard Cruise

• Minimum Age: 6 years old
• Eligible Age: under 12 years
• Eligible Discount: 25% (1 child per adult paying full fare) sharing a cabin with parents
• Restriction: Not available in peak seasons


Rental, purchase & pay 3/4

Expenses Aboard

• On board payments for bar, cash & credit card
• PC station rental
• Wetsuit rental
• Wi-Fi connection rental
• Tipping (optional but expected) cash only


Cruise information 4/4

Notices & Cruise Details

• Single supplement: 100%
• Accommodation based on 2 guests per cabin
I• Inquire your trip advisor for discounts & offers

Itineraries, inclusions & exclusions are subject to change by the Galapagos National Park or ship management.

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M/V Isabela II Galapagos

Inclusions & Exclusions​

M/V Isabela II Galapagos



• Day 1
Arrival at Baltra Airport & Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz)
• Day 2
Cerro Colorado & Pitt Point (San Cristóbal)
• Day 3
Gardner Bay & Suarez Point (Española)
• Day 4
Cormorant Point, Post Office Bay & Baroness Lookout (Floreana)
• Day 5
Moreno Point (Isabela) & Punta Mangle (Fernandina)
• Day 6
Eden Islet & North Seymour
• Day 7
Transfer to Baltra Airport

Isabela 7 Days - Southeastern Galapagos


• Day 1
Arrival at Baltra Airport & Highlands (Santa Cruz)
• Day 2
Egas Port & Chinese Hat (Santiago)
• Day 3
Prince Philip's Steps & Darwin Bay (Genovesa)
• Day 4
Santa Fe & Carrion Point (Santa Cruz)
• Day 5
Transfer to Baltra Airport

Galapagos Islands Cruise
2/2 - copy


• Day 1
Arrival at Baltra Airport & Charles Darwin Station (Santa Cruz)
• Day 2
Bartolome & Sullivan Bay (Santiago)
• Day 3
Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz) & James Bay (Santiago)
• Day 4
Vicente Roca Point (Isabela) & Espinoza Point (Fernandina)
• Day 5
Transfer to Baltra Airport

Isabela 5 Days - Western Galapagos
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