M/Y Eden Galapagos Yacht

Eden Galapagos Yacht has a certain uniqueness due to its combined white and timber interiors, that give a warm and clean style to the rooms and lounge areas, refurbished to adapt to new trends of comfort and convenience for Galapagos Islands visitors. We think this cruise is a good choice for people of all ages looking for particularly long routes and at night cruising, to be able to snorkel and hike to their hearts content.

Eden Galapagos Yacht has nine cabins distributed along three decks, all of them including private bathroom, with bunk, twin or double beds, and the possibility of sharing cabins or keep them private for single guests, giving plenty of options to accommodate up to 16 passengers. Eden Galapagos Yacht also offers several walking and leisure shaded areas.

Meals are served buffet style and both International and Ecuadorian fresh cuisine are offered, just perfect to complete your Galapagos trip.

Eden Galapagos Yacht

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Eden Galapagos Yacht

Technical Specifications

Boat Features


Layout: 3 decks / 9 cabins
Upper deck: Cabin 8,9,10 = bunks
Main deck: Cabin 6 = double
Lower deck: Cabin 1,2,3,4 = twins
Beds layout: Bunks / twins / doubles
Rooming: Private or shared cabins
Sharing: Allowed / same gender: yes


Private bathroom
Hot showers
Air conditioning
110v electricity
Lifeguard vest

Sundeck – solarium
Lounge area
Snorkel for rental
Wetsuit for rental

Eden Galapagos Yacht

Features, Decks & Notices

Superior Cruising Services 1/4

Main Features

• Air conditioned cabins
• Private bathrooms
• Certified naturalist guide
• Snorkel & wetsuit
• Bunk, twin/double cabins

Galapagos Islands Cruise

Children Policies 2/4

Minors Aboard Cruise

• Minimum Age: 11 years under request, not guaranteed
• Eligible Age: under 12 years
• Eligible Discount: $200 aprox, not guaranteed
• Restriction: None, available all year


Rental, purchase & pay 3/4

Expenses Aboard

• On board payments for bar, cash only
• Wetsuit & snorkel equipment
• Tipping (optional but expected), cash only


Cruise information 4/4

Notices & Cruise Details

• Single supplement: 60%
• Low Season Rates: $100 decrease from regular season rates
• High Season Rates: $100 increase from regular season rates
• Accommodation based on 2 guest per cabin
• Inquire your trip advisor for discounts & offers

Itineraries, inclusions & exclusions are subject to change by the Galapagos National Park or ship management.

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Eden Galapagos Yacht

Inclusions & Exclusions​