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Each visitor has very different necessities and preferences when choosing a vessel, but only the most adventurous travelers and sea spirits will dare to join the Beagle’s crew in this adventure through the Galapagos Islands, experiencing the thrills of sailing and exploring Darwin’s voyage all in one.

The Beagle Galapagos is a beautiful 105 ft (32m) brigantine built in the 70’s that has sustained many refurbishings, continuously improving and adapting, offering only the best service a sailboat can bring to its passengers.

Thanks to Beagle Galapagos small size, exploring the most interesting hotspots will be an easy feat that all its guests will be able to enjoy in a timely manner, with 7-14 passengers aboard distributed in seven double cabins (each with bunk beds, a/c and private bathroom) for a closer and intimate experienced, guided by a highly experienced and passionate team of seasoned sailors. The Beagle Galapagos also offers the chance to kayak and snorkeling and enjoy leisure time at its sundeck and lounges.

Beagle Galapagos Sailboat

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Beagle Galapagos Sailboat

Technical Specifications

Boat Features


Layout: 1 deck / 7 cabins
Main deck: Cabin 1,2,3,4,5,6 = bunks
Main deck: Cabin 7 = single or small bunk
Beds layout: Bunks / single / wider lower beds
Rooming: Private or shared cabins
Sharing: Allowed / same gender: yes


Private bathroom
Hot showers
Air conditioning
110v electricity
Lifeguard vest

Sundeck – solarium
Ample social areas
Kayaks: 2 DBL
Wetsuit for rental

Beagle Galapagos Sailboat

Features, Decks & Notices

Beagle Galapagos Sailboat

Inclusions & Exclusions​

Beagle Galapagos Sailboat


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